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Either Jay Cutler Is Excited About Pass-Happy Offense Or He Secretly Wishes He Was A Juggler

Jay Cutler has always struck me as something of a renaissance man, someone who has a vast array of interests that he would one day like enjoy pursuing after his career in football comes to a merciful conclusion. To be honest, I have no idea why I think this – maybe it’s the diabetes. It’s hard to put my finger on it.

The reason I mention this is a quote Cutler made earlier today when discussing his anticipation for the upcoming season (via Chicago Breaking Sports):

“Its [sic] gonna be a lot of balls in the air,” he said.

Interesting. But is this simply a quarterback towing the company line while praising the Bears’ new offensive coordinator, the so-called “guru” Mike Martz? Or perhaps, just perhaps, could this be a veiled reference to a secret dream of Cutler’s, something he dare not come right out and admit to the world? Is it possible that Jay Cutler secretly wants to be a street performer, more specifically, a juggler? It could happen.

I mean, the guy has already gone on record stating that he is going to throw a buttload of interceptions this season. What kind of mental-defective quarterback would it take to look forward to something like that?

Oh. Jay Cutler is that kind of mental-defective quarterback? I see. It must be that gunslinger mentality of his. Or the DIABEETUS.

Cutler on Bears’ offense: ‘We’re going to be good’ [Chicago Breaking Sports]
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