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Packers LB Clay Matthews Suspects That Mark Sanchez Might Have A ‘Robot Vagina’

The above tweet by Clay Matthews is all the way back from last Friday, but with the holiday weekend, I just came across it.

That’s some crazy stuff. Just when you think you know everything about a person, a detail like this comes along and completely blows your mind. I mean, an NFL franchise quarterback having a cybergina? How long did the Jets expect to keep this under wraps? It’s a shock cameras from Hard Knocks didn’t capture a glimpse or something.

At least it explains how Sanchez landed that lucrative WD40 endorsement deal. Vaginas need to be lubed up sometimes, even robotic vajayjays.

(Note: Matthews’ tweet is actually in response to this one by Sanchez where the QB is discussing kills he made in Halo, so instead of having an alumiclit, Sanchez is simply a geeky video game dweeb…who just so happens not to ever require the services of an artificial pussy, be it robotic or the pocket variety.)