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Caroline Wozniacki Knows What Boys Like, She Knows What Guys Want

She sees them looking
She makes them want her
She likes to tease them
They want to touch her
She never lets them

She knows what boys like
She knows what guys want
She knows what boys like, boys
like, boys like her

Now that I have firmly implanted that song in my head (and likely yours as well) for the balance of the day, what I am referring to in the above reference to the unbelievably annoying ’80s song from one-hit wonders The Waitresses, is Miss Caroline Wozniacki’s coy comments regarding the titillating buzz she created with the shorter-than-short skirt the number one seed wore during her commanding 6-3, 6-4 fourth round victory over Maria Sharapova.

Giggling, Wozniacki addressed the skirt after the match, which not so much highlighted her long, athletic legs as it accentuated them to such a degree that many men probably could not take their eyes off of them, a fact not lost on the newest budding sex symbol in women’s tennis (via the New York Post):

“I think it’s nice,” she said. “I’m definitely sure I’ll get a lot of male fans now. For me, it’s important to feel good on the court and of course look good. Then I can focus on my tennis 100 percent.”

Nya, nya, nya, nya, nya
Nya, nya, nya, nya, nya…

Wozniacki KOs Sharapova in Open battle of knockouts [New York Post]