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Why Did LeBron James Take His Sons To Sears For Their Family Portrait?

By no means am I taking a shot at the wonderful work Sears can do in the area of family portrait photos – it’s a great photo and his sons look adorable – but one would suspect that LeBron James has the means to hire a high-profile photographer to take a heartwarming snapshot of he and his brood. You know, like Annie Lebovitz or, um, Ansel Adams? Is that dude still alive? He’s not? Well I guess I don’t know many high-profile photographers then. In any event, at least those people wouldn’t have selected poop brown for the background color.

Even more compelling than the questionable aesthetic choices made by the photog is the caption LeBron contributed to the uploaded photo:

My inspiration equals My Next Generation. Father&Role Model

He’s like a poet and he doesn’t even know it. But I must warn you about capitalizing “Next Generation”, LeBron: Gene Roddenberry’s estate is going to be all over your ass for that one.

Be that as it may, that is a pretty smarmy little caption right there. And what’s the deal with the trophies? The ego on that guy! At least I displayed a modicum of class and scheduled a separate appointment for the photos I did posing with my bowling league trophy. And I had the good sense to go to JC Penny for my shoot. Sears is so bourgeois, am I right?