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Like Kid Rock? You Do? Seriously? Then You Are Going To Love The MLB Playoffs On TBS

Much like TBS did last year when they picked Bon Jovi as the band du jour for the network’s coverage of the 2009 MLB Playoffs, TBS has once again dug deep into dregs of marginally tolerable music and selected Kid Rock’s song “Born Free” as the official anthem of the 2010 MLB Playoffs, and are we not all thrilled by their decision. I, for one, cannot wait to have this goddamn song drilled into my head eleventy billion times.

The video, featuring clips of Kid Rock, doing whatever it is he does interspersed with MLB footage – if you cannot wait to see it played ad nauseum in between promos for Conan’s new show, which will also pummel your subconscious into submission – can be found right here.

But why Kid Rock (pictured above with Red Sox manager Terry Francona, Eschewer of Shirts)  you ask? It’s simple, really. Turner Broadcasting wanted to select a musical act that is at least 5 years past their prime as well as annoy music purists like myself who are just waiting for somebody to give Boz Scaggs a chance – it’s all that’s standing between the Boz and a Tom Jones-like career renaissance. Just kidding. According to a statement issued by Turner, it’s all about synergy, folks. Via the Detroit Free Press:

“It’s a song with an all-American feel that connects perfectly with America’s favorite pastime,” said Craig Barry, the senior vice president of content for Turner Sports. “Having the opportunity to shoot Kid Rock’s performance in front of his hometown crowd added a dynamic energy that could not be duplicated.”

Hoo boy, I cannot wait. Do you know what else I can’t wait for? Next year to see who TBS pulls out of their ass to be the official has-been of the 2011 MLB Playoffs. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pulling for the Black Eyed Peas. It’s high time those guys catch a break.

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