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Kenny Loggins Avoids Highway To The Danger Zone, Cancels Concert At Ballpark

Adult contemporary music enthusiasts in New England were on the receiving end of some bad news passed along yesterday Pawtucket Red Sox public relations man Bill Wanless  when he announced that the Kenny Loggins concert at McCoy Stadium on Saturday has had to be rescheduled because of weather concerns associated with Hurricane Earl. The concert, featuring the Boston Pops, will instead take place on September 10th.

Word on the street is once Loggins heard about the potential for inclement weather, he suggested to everyone that they better cut loose, footloose, and avoid the area entirely. According to one insider, Loggins picked up his acoustic guitar and broke the news to the band, roadies and entourage as follows:

I’d say it was the right time
To walk away
When dreaming takes you nowhere
It’s not time to play
Weather’s working overtime
The money don’t matter
The clock keeps ticking
When a hurricane’s on your mind

I will freely admit that this story had little to do with sports, other than the concert is going to be at a minor league ballpark and was reported by ESPN Boston, but I would have been crazy to pass up the opportunity to make some Kenny Loggins references. My only wish would have been that Eddie Rabbit had been the opening act.

Okay, I’m done with my nostalgic journey back into the halcyon days of late 70s soft rock for now. This is it. Seriously.

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