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Rachel Uchitel’s Ground Zero Visit: Part Of Healing Process Or More Fame-Whoring?

Celebrity fame-monger/Tiger harlot Rachel Uchitel is catching a bunch of heat in the tabloids for making a visit to Ground Zero. The problem was she did it with a film crew from Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew in tow. As you may recall, Uchitel got her first taste of notoriety in the days after 9/11 when she became “New York’s Tragic Face” after a photograph of her appeared on the cover of the New York Post. Uchitel sadly lost her fiancĂ©, Andy O’Grady, who died in the attacks.

Uchitel is not taking the criticism lightly. In fact, she’s downright pissed off about it. Via the New York Post:

“Who the f–k are people to be talking about me?” Uchitel said. “Until they go through what I went through, living with a guy and being engaged to him and having that person dead an hour after waking up next to him . . . Nobody can f–k with me about 9/11.”

Uchitel said she visited the site to “get closure on some stuff I’ve been dealing with . . . and I don’t know why people would take that the wrong way.

“If people think I’m milking something for the benefit of getting on TV or getting more well-known, I’m already well-known,” she said.

Indeed. According to an insider, Dr. Drew himself insisted that it was important for Uchitel to return to the site before a possible appearance on the The Oprah Winfrey Show:

“Rachel hasn’t been back [to Ground Zero] since 9/11, but in the ‘Oprah’ pre-interview, Pinsky said he thought that she needed to go there, that it was the key to her healing, that she couldn’t move on until she tackled those demons,” the insider said, adding that the possible “Oprah” appearance was subsequently nixed.

You know, I could go either way on this one. By no means am I in any place to criticize a person who experienced something as horrific and traumatic as what Uchitel went through in the days following the attacks. On the other hand, sometimes a person’s previous acts – in Uchitel’s case, her desperate need for attention and self-promotion at any cost – can come back to haunt them. In the end, it doesn’t matter whether the reasons for Uchitel returning to Ground Zero were honorable or not, she has little choice but to sleep in the bed she made, and ultimately, despite the questionable decision to bring along a camera crew (and only Uchitel knows herself the reasons behind doing that) as well as her past transgressions as it pertains to the Tiger Woods saga, if her visit to Ground Zero can somehow help her move on and heal after experiencing such a horrible ordeal, I guess we have little choice but to let sleeping dogs lie.

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