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Money Well Spent? NFL To Drop $50 Million To Inform Us That The Season Is Starting

I like to think as the Sportress as the internet’s go-to site for breaking, up-to-the-minute news from the world of sports, so allow me to drop this mind-blowing nugget of knowledge on you guys:

The 2010 NFL season kicks off next week.

I know! Crazy, right? But just in case this kind of information were to somehow slip through the cracks, the NFL is spending a buttload of cash in an advertising campaign over the next week to make sure everyone is adequately apprised of this seemingly unknown tidbit of information.

Via The Miami Herald:

The league is running ads for “Back to Football” on its broadcast partners NBC, CBS, FOX, ESPN, and NFL Network. All are using the slogan, too.

Retailers Kohl’s, Dick’s and Old Navy are also running promotions and featuring NFL merchandise.

In all, the league estimates total media spending by the NFL and its sponsors to be worth $50 million on the campaign, which it plans to run each year from July through the season’s start in early September.

Obviously, $50 million is a pittance when it comes to an aggressive marketing campaign in this day and age, especially for an entity that makes money hand over fist like the NFL. But under what kind of rock do you have to be living under to not be aware that the NFL season is set to kick off?  Crap, those Chilean miners have already done their fantasy football draft and set their rosters for the first week, for Christ’s sake, and they have been trapped 2,300 feet below the Earth’s surface since early August. I just hope someone had the decency to inform them that Brett Favre came back.

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