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Dana White Probably Fancies Himself As Some Kind Of ‘Rogues Scholar’ Now

Yassir Arafat, Winston Churchill, Stephen Hawking, Jimmy Carter, Albert Einstein…Dana White?

That’s right, UFC President Dana White joins the above individuals on the veritable who’s who list of luminaries from the words of science and politics who have been previously invited by the Oxford Union Society to speak in front of the esteemed institute of higher learning’s debate club. White’s appearance is scheduled for October 13th and it is sure to be an intellectually stimulating experience for one and all.

To his credit and all kidding aside, White, who will be in London already for UFC 120 on October 16th, is an incredibly-gifted speaker who, solely on the basis of his domineering personality and never-say-die attitude has transformed the UFC into an incredibly successful, billion dollar juggernaut.


“Anyone who knows anything about me knows I always speak my mind and am very passionate about what I do, and the Oxford Union was founded on exactly those principles,” White said in a statement released by UFC. “I’m looking forward to meeting the students, and I know they have a reputation for asking tough questions and expecting straight answers from their guests. That’s exactly what they’ll get from me.

I wish I could think of something sarcastic or witty to say about the Oxford Union’s, shall we say, unique choice in speaker, but the guy is an incredibly compelling figure and will certainly enlighten and entertain the students. And if for some reason the students have a problem with him, White can simply put each one of those pasty little bastards in some kind of submission move until those pencil-necked geeks tap out and beg for him to continue.

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