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Awkward Isn’t The Word For The Discussion Of Mariotti’s Arrest On ‘Around The Horn’

I have been leafing through my Oxford English Dictionary in an attempt to find a more appropriate term to describe what it is like to watch the the above video of the panelists on Around the Horn discuss cohort Jay Mariotti’s arrest (transcript here). Unfortunately, I have had minimal success in finding a word that adequately encompasses how squirm-inducing the entire process was to behold, not only for the viewers watching it, but for Kevin Blackistone, Woody Paige and Bob Ryan to participate in the discussion as well. I imagine Tim Cowlishaw was quite relieved that his consistently half-assed performance on the show left him once again the first panelist eliminated so he didn’t have to participate in this trainwreck.

Perhaps some clarification is in order. The panelists didn’t so much discuss Mariotti’s arrest as address the subsequent media coverage and the vitriolic, almost gleeful reaction which erupted in response to Mariotti’s so-called fall from grace, for lack of a better way of putting it.

Ultimately, Around the Horn should be given a lot of credit for actually addressing the issue, even in the limited context in which it did instead of ignoring it and burying their heads in the sand which I expected them to do. So here’s your gold star, Around the Horn. Kudos.

And speaking of the Oxford English Dictionary, the news that it is beginning to make the transition to solely an online, digital presence and will only have a print version if demand calls for it reminds me of Mariotti’s career metamorphosis from print to online journalist. The only difference being that unlike Mariotti, the OED actually has a future on the internet.

[H/T for video to Deadspin]