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Video: Less Filling Or Tastes Great? Tot Swills Miller Lite At Royals Game

The video documentation of little kids pounding brewskis at baseball games are becoming shockingly commonplace, but that doesn’t mean we cannot still get our kicks watching the horrendous examples of horrible parenting skills on display in major league ballparks all across this great, beer-guzzling country of ours.

The most recent entry into the pantheon of Parents Turning Their Kids Into Problem Drinkers Before They Get To Kindergarten comes from Kansas City, where one mother appears to have no problem allowing her son to tip back a Miller Lite bottle while taking in a recent Royals-Yankees game.

I mean, the kid is really getting after it, like this isn’t his first go-round with malted barley and hops. But as anyone who has attended a Royals game can attest, it gets pretty hot out there in the stands at Kauffman Stadium. The product on the field certainly doesn’t help matters, either. That should be the Royals new unofficial slogan: “The Kansas City Royals: So Bad, Even Kids Need To Drink To Watch Them.”

All I can say is that mom is lucky she wasn’t letting her son drink Miller High Life. My guess is that the High Life Delivery Guy wouldn’t have been too impressed with her style of negligent parenting and then you know what happens: no Champagne of Beers for any Royals fans and that’s not good for anybody.

[H/T to the always-excellent Busted Coverage]