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Last Surviving Player From First World Cup Has Taken His Final Dive At Age 100

Argentinian media reported earlier today that the legendary Francisco Vallaro, who was the last living player from the inaugural World Cup in 1930, is now flopping on the Great Pitch in the Sky after passing away in his hometown of La Plata, Argentina. Vallaro, who celebrated his 100th birthday on February 5th, played for the Argentina side who lost to Uruguay 4-2 in the final in Montevideo, was awarded with the FIFA Order of Merit in 1994 and retired from play all the way back in 1940 due to injury.

A little background on the centenarian soccer player (via Reuters):

In an interview marking his 100th birthday in February, the forward known for his bravery and accurate shooting said Argentina lost the 1930 final through “lack of guts” after leading 2-1 at halftime.

Varallo won the Argentine title with home town club Gimnasia-La Plata in 1929 during the amateur era before joining Boca Juniors, scoring 194 goals and helping them win three professional league titles between 1931 and 1936.

While the initial reports do not indicate what Vallaro died from, natural causes and old age are arguably the likely culprits. Also not reported: whether or not anyone attempted to revive the old footballer with whatever it is that they spray on players when they are injured. Seriously, what is that stuff?

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