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All Aboard The Ron Artest Crazy Train: Says He Wants To Eat ‘Twilight’ Characters

Apparently, there is this this movie and book series called Twilight that seems to be quite the craze right now – I am not going to act all aloof and insist I am not aware of the phenomenon, but at the same time, I haven’t spent much time paying attention to it, as I am not a teenage girl nor am I a middle-aged woman desperately trying to relive their lost youth courtesy of some twisted masturbatory fantasy involving actors depicting characters old enough to be their children. Frankly, the fact that women in their 30s and 40s are going absolutely gaga over Twilight strikes me as more than creepy, but that’s another story altogether.

One man, however, who is not ashamed to express his affinity for adolescent fiction is Ron Artest. In fact, Artest is such a huge fan of the Twilight series that he actually attended the premiere for Twilight Saga: Eclipse (photographed above, with that one guy, whats-his-face) earlier this summer.

Artest discussed Twilight, among other topics, during an appearance with the “Rise Guys” on Sacramento’s KHTK. You can hear the entirety of the interview here, but what follows is a transcript of his thoughts concerning Twilight, including how he wishes he could be written into the story as a character who is some kind of cannibalistic devourer of vampires and werewolves…or something. I’m not entirely sure.

Via Sports Radio Interviews:

On going to the premier of Twilight:

“That was fun. … I actually went there and it was like right after we won and I was like, probably one of the bigger guys on the red carpet. A lot of people was happy and even the director. It was kind of cool. I love that movie. I love the action.”

On whether he’s part of Team Edward or Team Jacob:

“I wish I could be in the movie and be like the villain. I want to be the big bad one that just eats everybody. … I want to eat Edward and Jacob.”

Um, alrighty then. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

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