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Rose Bowl, Here We Come! Gophers Freshmen Offensive Linemen Receive New Hairdos

Ain’t no stopping the Minnesota Golden Gophers football team now!

In the interest of the mistaken idea that humiliating fellow members of a squad magically inspires team unity and the reasoning by senior center D.J. Burris that “tradition has to start somewhere,” no matter how idiotic, for the first time, despite the claim by the upperclassmen that it was a long-standing ritual, every freshman offensive line player was forced to sit down in a makeshift barber’s chair and be on the receiving end of a hideous new haircut.

I suppose dire straits require desperate measures. Try these stats on for size (via the Star Tribune): the Gophers were dead last in rushing yards in the Big Ten, allowed the most sacks in the Big Ten which ranked them 113th out of 120 major college programs. Not pretty. But neither are the haircuts, which I have no reason not to assume that this will propel the Gophers football program up to the upper echelon of the Big Ten. I guess the only thing left for Gophers Nation is to book their tickets and reserve their hotel rooms for New Year’s Day, 2011, in Pasadena, right?

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