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Insert Some ‘Yakety Sax’ Into This Epic High School Running Back Fail And It’s Gold

Brilliant video, but the chap who uploaded this bad boy totally whiffed in not adding the gold standard in comical soundtracks for hilarious video YouTubeage.

Here. I’m not the most technomological guy, but allow me to do it in the most unsophistimicated way possible – just play the vids simultaneously and you have yourself a jimmy-rigged soundtrack:

Much better.

As theScore points out, no one really knows when or where this fitting homage to Vikings great Jim Marshall’s historic screw up exactly occurred, but who says age or knowledge should have anything to do with simply enjoying the moment? Kind of like that very secret but extremely erotic sponge bath you gave to Mrs. Cohen in that retirement home when you were performing community service. That’s right. I know all about your geriatric love games, sicko.

[H/T theScore (via Out of Bounds)]