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ESPN Analyst Finally Gets Something Right, Prompts ESPN To Issue Press Release

Gather ’round, all ye worshipers and followers of tWWLism, for today truly is a blessed day. You see, one of the church’s great sages, Curt Schilling, read the tea leaves, prayed for guidance and because of his devotion and reverence to the mystical ways regarding the coolness of other side of the pillow, issued a prophecy earlier this week which, brace yourselves, actually came out to be true. Hallelujah! Praise be to Norby!

Now get down on your knees and genuflect, heathens!

From the Book of ESPN Media Zone, the chapter “Schilling Predicted Tommy John Surgery for Strasburg During Tuesday’s Baseball Tonight”:

ESPN baseball analyst Curt Schilling predicted Tommy John surgery would be in order for Washington Nationals rookie ace Stephen Strasburg during Tuesday’s Baseball Tonight (Aug. 24).  Schilling examined the delivery mechanics of Strasburg and compared them to Florida Marlins starting pitcher Josh Johnson – both tall right-handed pitchers – to demonstrate the added strain Strasburg places on his arm.  The Nationals announced today that Strasburg will most likely require the surgery.

Are you trying to tell me that Schilling, in his infinite wisdom, correctly deduced something which almost every educated baseball analyst suspected might be the end result after Strasburg dejectedly walked off the mound in the middle of his start against the Phillies on Saturday? Genius! Or Divine Insight? Hard to say.

But perhaps most irritating aspect of this entire story is that ESPN felt compelled to actually brag about the fact that one of their own actually got something right for a change. Truth be told, ESPN has had this kind of plan in place for some time for Chris Mortensen, they’re just waiting for that dolt to break a story and have it be correct for once.

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