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Approve: Whitlock Takes Shot At Mariotti In ‘Mea Culpa’ Column About Tiger’s Divorce

There is simply no way around it : when FOX Sports columnist Jason Whitlock is on his game – which occurs most often when he’s taking potshots at his colleagues in the media – he’s a must-read and one of the best in the business. His most recent column, published Thursday night, “Elin’s interview should end the jokes,” is certainly one of those occasions.

The column is an enlightening read in and of itself and I recommend that you read it in its entirety. Essentially, after reading Elin’s interview in People, Whitlock felt the need to castigate himself and take responsibility for the insensitive things he has previously wrote and said regarding Tiger’s infidelities after learning about the very personal toll it took on Elin. It’s certainly worth a moment or two of your time and I give him credit for owning up to it, although Whitlock later tweeted that he had ulterior motives for writing the column:

Confession: I wrote the sensitive Elin piece bcuz I’m moving to LA and want the ladies at 4Play to recognize my kinder, gentler side.

Oh, that Whitlock! What a cad!

But back to my main point: the unabashed joy – for lack of a better word – Whitlock seems to be experiencing due to Mariotti’s fall.

Whitlock, towards the end of his column, could not resist sneaking in a wicked rip on the new King Pariah of the Media, Jay Mariotti. He writes:

I feel like I owe Elin Nordegren (and all women) an apology. I was late to step into her shoes.

I feel like Jay Mariotti, a hypocrite.

Like most of the sports-loving Twitter world, I’ve delighted in Mariotti’s public comeuppance. Over the weekend, he was arrested and charged with an unspecified felony following a “domestic incident.” Mariotti, a longtime columnist and ESPN talking head, has specialized in calling for harsh repercussions when athletes and coaches run afoul of the law and/or common sense.

It appears Mariotti is no better than or different from the athletes he lambastes. Whether innocent or guilty, Mariotti is capable of getting in the same kind of jam as an athlete alleged to have committed a crime.

Well played, Jason Whitlock. Well played. When Whitlock is drinking the Haterade, everybody wins.

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