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This Can’t Possibly Be A Ochocinco Wax Sculpture, Can It?

The reason I ask is that it looks incredibly lifelike. So much so, in fact, I am afraid it might come to life and start annoying me to no end.

Captioned as:

Coming soon Ladies only – life size wax figure, comes with change of clothes and shoes and accessories, this is a wax figure example

Ladies only? Carson Palmer is going to be devastated.

In all seriousness, I cannot tell whether this is a real wax figure of Chad Ochocinco – although I am pretty sure it is not – or if he is simply hamming it up for the panties-soaked harlots who comment on the photos he uploads to twitpic. A sampling:

WoahBaybee about 4 hours ago

Ughhh i juss wanna taste of that chocolatelyness. You is juss to sexy, imma marry you one of these days 🙂

BShip20 about 3 hours ago
Does this come with the life size penis too? 😉

For you, BShip20, we can only hope. Sigh.

The general consensus by all the ladies is that they would like to own an Ochocinco wax figure, but one young lady questions the Bengals wide receiver’s fashion sense:

givancic about 4 hours ago
Pull up your damn pants, man!

You said it, givancic. Lookin’ like a fool, ain’t he?

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