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Richmond Flying Squirrels Fan Drills Opposing Pitcher With Ball Hit Into Stands

That’s a new one.  A fan attending the game between the hometown Richmond Flying Squirrels and the Reading Phillies apparently didn’t much appreciate the nerve of Reading pitcher J.C. Ramirez throwing a pitch to Richmond’s Brandon Belt had no choice but to foul off into the upper deck on the third base side, so he did what any sensible fan did when adhering to the “Gotta Support The Team” mantra: he fired the ball back onto the field, nailing Ramirez in the left leg.

The man, who was identified by security and escorted out of the stadium has been banned for life from The Diamond. No charges have been filed at this point, but Alan Nero, speaking on behalf of Octagon (are the managing partners of Octagon named James Westfall and Doctor Kenneth Noisewater?), the agency who represent Ramirez stated that “there doesn’t seem to be any significant injury to the extent that there would be some sort of lawsuit that would be based on some sort of damage. A decision has not yet been made as to whether any criminal charges will be placed.”

Grainy, Zapruder-quality video follows.

Video via WTVR:

Yeah, it’s hard to tell what exactly happens but it appears by the disgusted groans of the crowd that the ball was thrown back onto the field of play at approximately the one-minute point of the video.

The fan reportedly sent an e-mail of apology to the team, which was forwarded to Reading manager Steve Roadcap, who, while likely appreciating the gesture, was still justifiably irked by the man’s actions, saying, “Never in 28 years in this business have I ever seen anything like that. He’s still shaken. He’s trying to figure out what he wants to do.”

How about to even out matters, the bozo who did this has to stand in the batter’s box for some good old fashioned payback? An eye for an eye, I say, although having this idiot only have to suffer a fastball to the leg might not be an appropriate amount of justice. Maybe a beanball to the melon would send a better message.

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