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In The Least Surprising News Ever, Jay Mariotti Has Been Suspended By AOL

Step away from the ledge, Jay Mariotti! It’s only a suspension and it’s not like people are going to judge you prematurely until you at the very least have had your chance to adequately defend yourself in the court system!

Okay, maybe the second half of that previous statement isn’t entirely accurate – alright, it’s so inaccurate, there should be a new word invented to describe it. Perhaps erroneouschmockery? Yeah, that works.

The statement provided to SI‘s Richard Deistch by an AOL spokesperson (via Game On!):

“We are continuing to gather all the facts. In the meantime, we have suspended Jay Mariotti and are not featuring any new work from him.”

AOL had little choice but to suspend the disgraced columnist and one would be hard-pressed to find any logical reason to keep Mariotti on board as an active contributor at this time. FanHouse had already made the wise decision to turn off comments on his columns and this was the next rational step. One has to expect that ESPN will follow suit once Around the Horn returns from its week off, but I suppose we will just have to wait and see. ESPN has on occasion operated in a self-created vacuum of infallibility, so anything tWWL decides to do to address the latest headache created by the shameful indiscretions of its on-air talent would come as no surprise.

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