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If You Love Some Good Head (On Your Beer), You’ll Love Karen Sypher (Blackmail Ale)

It’s funny because even without the parentheses, the title is completely accurate. Just as long happen to be her attorney…or some other random dude she believes deserves a hummer from one of the best peter-puffers south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Blackmail Ale, a homebrewed beer named after Karen Sypher, has won a blue ribbon at the Kentucky State Fair. Sypher, as you recall, was convicted earlier this month of attempted extortion of Louisville head coach Rick Pitino.

From Gary Rosenberger, the man behind Blackmail Ale (via The Dagger):

“Every year, the Kentucky State Fair sponsors a homebrew label competition, so I thought this would be a good topic,” said Rosenberger, a big Louisville basketball fan. “I had originally thought there would be more than one label that would tackle the same subject, but as it turns out the others focused on political topics or the oil spill in the gulf. I just put it out there and stuck. I never dreamed it would get the publicity it’s gotten.”

Good for Gary. Congrats. Here’s to the entrepreneurial spirit of Mr. Rosenberger. Below are some slogans Rosenberger came up with:

“Blackmail Ale, 7 Years Old,” the label reads. “A bitter brew available only at your local Italian eatery. 0 percent Dignity by Volume.” At the bottom, the label warns drinkers that “consuming this beverage may lead to incarceration in the United States federal prison system.”

Ha. Gold, Jerry. Gold. Drink up, everybody.

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