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Lions Fan Walks 400-Mile Trail Of Tears To Watch Team Practice, Succumbs To Tears

The Proclaimers have jack squat on this guy.

You have to give Joe Paquette, Jr. credit. The 63-year-old Lions fan traversed over 400 miles on foot from his home in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to Detroit just so he could see the Lions practice and to send the squad a message that it is high time for team to forgo their losing ways and begin their ascension to among the NFL’s elite…or maybe just win more games in a season than they lose. That would be a nice start.

Paquette began his journey on August 8th and arrived at Lions practice on Wednesday, where he was greeted by Lions head coach Jim Schwartz, QB Matt Stafford and several other members of the team. During his two-week journey, Pacquette would walk up to 32 1/2 miles per day in order to reach his destination.

But why did he do it?

“I needed to send them a message,” Paquette said.

And for Paquette, there is a sense of urgency – he ain’t going to be around forever, given that last year he learned he had high cholesterol among other health issues.

From Click on Detroit:

“I don’t want to just ‘sisu.’ I want them to feel it. I want it in their eyes,” Paquette said. “Lions hunt with their eyes, so they need to have sisu in their eyes.

Sisu is a Finnish word for guts, determination and perseverance, and that’s the message Paquette said he hopes comes across.

Schwartz said Lions fans never cease to amaze him. Stafford said it’s unbelievable to have fans so passionate.

Si-Si-Sisudio. Or something. To echo Stafford’s thoughts, passionate, yes. Bats**t crazy? Possibly.You got to give the old man credit. He’s not willing to sit around any longer while the Lions continue to be the laughingstock of the NFL. The word we should identify with the the man named Joe Paquette, Jr. is commitment, whether it be for his undying loyalty to his beloved Detroit Lions or the name of the civil proceeding his worried family will ask of the court system upon his safe return home.

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