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I Wonder If It Was The Snooze Or The AM/PM Knob: Jim Furyk Oversleeps, DQ’d

On the other hand, perhaps there was a separate knob for the volume on the radio alarm. Which leads me to wonder, does Jim Furyk, who overslept this morning, thus missing his 7:30 tee time for a pro-am event today, prefer Top 40, Classical or Adult Contemporary for the music to rouse him from his pleasant slumber?

Now that I have exhausted my daily allotment of Seinfeld references, here’s how it happened: Furyk after awaking at 7:23, rushed to the course but did not arrive at the Ridgewood Country Club in Paramus, New Jersey until 7:35. What’s worse, his late arrival got him disqualified from the Barclays this weekend and the opportunity to compete for the $1.35 million prize. But all is not lost: missing the Barclays – which is an event in the FedEx Playoffs – will not prevent him from competing in the next round as he is currently in 3rd place in the standings as the top 100 in the FedEx Cup standings automatically move on.

But why did he oversleep? I can think of two distinct possibilities:

  1. Furyk was up way too late doing his complex and thorough Rogaine applications; or
  2. Furyk was up to all hours of the night doing his best to satisfy the insatiable sexual appetite of his comely wife, Tabitha.

Actually, Furyk told the AP that he typically sets his alarm on his cell phone and it lost power sometime during the night. At the same time, either of the above scenarios I came up with could be just as likely.

Jim Furyk DQ’d at Barclays for missing pro-am tee time []