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Get Your T.O. & Ochocinco Batman & Robin Shirts Now Before Their Next Annoying Bit

Yeah, this entire T.O. & Ochocinco act isn’t getting tired at all. Nope, not played out one bit.

And believe me, those two knobs are already plotting their next routine highlighting their partnership. Who knows what legendary duo these wisenheimers will lampoon next? Captain and Tennille (“Throw That To Me One More Time”), Loggins & Messina (“Carson’s Song), Salt-n-Pepa (“Push It” – I ain’t going there), Donnie & Marie (“I’m A Little Bit Irritating, I’m a Little Bit of an Attention Whore”), Hall & Oates (“I Can’t Go For That (Ball Over The Middle – No Can Do)…the possibilities are endless. And those are just famous musical duos, I haven’t even begun to delve into famous historical pairings, like Anthony & Cleopatra (no homo).

Actually, I have a good guess what might be the most fitting duo of all for these two numskulls to emulate:

Perfect! All they need to do is customize some of those inflatable sumo wrestling suits and they’re gold.

(Note: if you truly desire one of their Batman & Robin t-shirts before they are pulled due to copyright violations, you can order them here)

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