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Bud Selig Realizes He’s No Clark Gable (He’s No Clint Howard, Either, For That Matter)

It was “Show Bud Selig Some Love For Once Day” in Milwaukee, as various MLB dignitaries mingled with former Brewers greats to pay homage to the former used car salesman who, despite the odds against him, returned Major League Baseball to the fair city. The Brewers organization paid tribute to the man by erecting a statue outside of Miller Park, where it joins statues memorializing the great contributions Robin Yount and Hank Aaron made to the city of Milwaukee’s baseball teams over the years.

Selig, displaying a self-deprecating sense of humor rarely seen, had some fun with the fact that he may not be the most good looking of men:

”Given the guy didn’t have much to work with because I was never confused with Clark Gable, I thought he did a masterful job,” Selig said at the unveiling Tuesday. ”I thought he captured me really remarkably well.”

Clark Gable? Why didn’t you dig a little deeper into the past for your “here’s an example of a guy who was far more handsome than me” reference? Why not go with Rudolph Valentino or you know, Joseph Merrick?

All kidding aside, the much reviled commissioner was clearly moved by the honor bestowed upon him (via FOX Sports/AP):

”In my respects, I see this as a tribute of a lifetime of service to my sport, my state and community,” Selig said of the statue. ”A community in which I was born and raised and continue to live. You have no idea how deeply touched I am.”

”I hope that one day when a child walks past that statue and says to his parent and asks, ‘Who’s that?’ the parent will say, ‘He was just a passionate man from Milwaukee, a youngster who just like you had a dream to make this a better place. He never lost hope and he never lost faith and through it he made baseball (and) the community a better place in which to live,”’ he said.

Okay. Now that we’ve properly honored the man, let us resume the vitriolic, unadulterated hatred for the guy. Just as it should be.

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