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Army Paratrooper Caught On Flagpole At Ballgame Nothing To Get Hung Up About

Sometimes, even with the best laid plans, things inevitably can go awry. Case in point: despite an incredible amount of training and skill, even a paratrooper from the U.S. Army Golden Knights parachute team can experience a bit of a snafu while attempting to drop into a major league baseball park.

Last night, before the Twins-Rangers game at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, the Golden Knights thrilled the fans in attendance by parachuting into the ballpark and landing in the outfield. Unfortunately for this guy, the swirling winds must have set off his course a bit and he ended up getting snagged by a flagpole on top of the scoreboard above the right field grandstand.

According to a recap of the strange events in the Star Tribune, the Golden Knight is thankfully no worse for wear. The paratrooper simply jumped down to the top of the scoreboard and made his way down some steps and everything was hunky dory.

But what’s the deal with the odd events occurring at the Ballpark in Arlington over the past couple of days? On Monday night, some dolt in the stands allowed a ball to smack him in the face, with entertaining photographic evidence of his epic fail, and now this? Who knows what will be the third act tonight when the teams face off again. The possibilities are limitless, but I’ll tell you this: if photographs surface of Texas Rangers outfielder and leading AL MVP candidate Josh Hamilton doing whipped cream body shots of the team’s mascot, Rangers Captain, I won’t know what to think.

Video of the U.S. Army Golden Knights amazing display of aerial feats, including the unfortunate hang-up on the flagpole, follows.

(video via Hardball Talk)

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