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Wake N’ Blog: Do You Know How Big The Boogers Would Be In The Statue Of Liberty’s Nose?

Wake N’ Blog is the Sportress of Blogitude’s morning link dump. Send tips, links and examples of other monuments you have spent time contemplating about its bodily secretions  to

• What I mean is if Lady Liberty were in fact a living organism and not just a monument, she would have some pretty ginormous deposits of nose gold up in them nostrils, with the sea air and whatnot. Moving on, next month in New York City, the copper casting tip which was used to cast the Statue of Liberty’s nose will be available at auction. Guernsey’s auction house President Arlan Ettinger says the casting tip is about 2 feet wide, consists of the tip and the nostrils of her nose and is “”actually quite good-looking.” Interesting. But what are you going to do with the damn thing? [MSNBC/AP]

• In one of the odder minor league ballpark promotions – and that’s saying something – one lucky person (probably a girl, my guess) – can win a chance to go out on a date with the Montgomery Biscuits third baseman. [Out of Bounds]

• Just so you know, Tom Brady, Rex Ryan ain’t too fond of you, either. [Larry Brown Sports]

• Fanhouse readers turn on Jay Mariotti in the comments sections of his columns, AOL shuts off comments. [SPORTSbyBROOKS]

• To tie a nice little bow around the whole ordeal, here is the definitive and complete Tiger Woods Timeline. [Devil Ball Golf]

• Yay! It’s Bud Selig Statue Day! [Walkoff Walk]

• Taking a look at just how bad the Pittsburgh Pirates have been during the 18 consecutive losing seasons. [Joe Sports Fan]

• My pal Hextall454 writes an open letter to the once-neutral nation of Switzerland. [Melt Your Face Off]

• A one-time Olympic gold medalist recently died after falling off an exercise bike. [Bob’s Blitz]

• This video will surely take the internets by storm today: 1985 Pontiac Firebird vs. concrete bridge underpass…who ya got?? [Busted Coverage]

• Butter Chicken mails it in on a Monday, with amusing results. [Food Court Lunch]

• The top 5 ways to drive your fantasy football commissioner insane. [Five Tool Tool]

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