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Sporting News Radio Host David Stein Writes 450-Word Ode To Pie

This is not so much a legitimate sports story as it is me simply trying to come to terms with the head-scratching nature of a blog post written by David Stein, who I understand has a nationally syndicated radio program on the Sporting News Radio Network, about all the wonderful things about the dessert item that is pie.

Now, I am aware how people who spend most of their time operating within the constraints of the world of sports enjoy venturing out from time to time to discuss issues outside of the realm of the sporting world, but Stein’s piece entitled, “I Celebrate the Pie’s Entire Catalog” confuses me to no end. I read the entire post – and it’s a fine enough read and can be found on Sporting News Radio’s website – and I kept waiting for Stein to somehow tie his love of pie to something at least tangentially-related to sports, but upon completion, all that I could get out of it was, “Man, this guy really loves his pie.” While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it simply struck me as odd. I mean, shouldn’t almost all of the content on a site dedicated to sports be about, you know, sports?

Ruminate on that thought for awhile, because now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to write a follow-up post to my piece about necrophiliac Wisconsinites.

I Celebrate the Pie’s Entire Catalog [Sporting News Radio]