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Chan Gailey Wants These Daggum Heckling Whippersnappers Off His Lawn, Consarn It!

Metaphorically speaking, of course, as it has not yet been confirmed if the young punks who were talking smack to some Buffalo Bills players at practice earlier today even know where the Buffalo Bills head coach lives, let alone whether or not he has a lawn.

Gailey was noticeably agitated as the morning session of practice concluded, which marked the conclusion of training camp. Why? Because those meddling kids and their gosh darn heckling, that’s why! Via WIVB:

Immediatelly after practice ended, Gailey hurried to the railing and lectured a group of about 5 teenage fans.  Those fans had been loud througout the workout.  Some of their comments, clearly heard by the coach, were critical of the Bills players, especially Trent Edwards.

Gailey told the fans that no players would be signing their autograph requests.  He said “if you dog one of us, you dog all of us.”

Later, in a meeting with the media. Gailey explained his actions.

“They said some things during practice that were derogatory to a couple of our players, and if you say something derogatory to one of us, you’re saying it to all of us. So I told them don’t go sign it for that crew.”

Damn kids these days, with their hippity hop music, pants on the ground and what have you, not to mention their no respecting ways. Don’t they know that the Buffalo Bills used to go to the Super Bowl all the time and lose in the ’90s? Most of these kids don’t respect tradition and a once-revered history of semi-excellence anymore, something they could have learned from these little bastards.

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