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Division 3 Football: Where Coaches Provide Quotes Regarding Ice Cream Colonics

Credit goes out to the great Spencer Hall over at Every Day Should Be Saturday for coming across this tweet from Keith McMillan who covers Division 3 Football for the appropriately-named While Mr. McMillan does not reveal which D3 football coach provided that quote, it does give valuable insight to what makes D3 football, despite its lack of top-notch talent on the field as well as the coaching ranks, such a compelling thing to cover for the aspiring sports journalist: quotes about ice cream getting pumped up people’s butts.

Which brings me to my next thought: the quote is rather vague, isn’t it? Who is on the receiving end, so to speak, of the ice cream enema and who is the sick bastard administering the chilly procedure? Is the press pumping the coach’s colon full of Peppermint Bon Bon or Rocky Road and then telling the press about it or is something else going on here? It’s all so confusing. And unappetizing. There goes my idea of getting a Frosty as part of my lunch.