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(Video) This Just In: Joe Buck Hearts Tom Brady

Look out Giselle, it looks like you might be facing some “stiff” competition for Tom Brady’s affections. FOX Sports resident Lothario, Joe Buck cannot hold it in any longer and he doesn’t care who knows about it: his man-crush on Tom Brady, feelings he previously kept private and simply fantasized about in the privacy of his hotel room (except when the housekeeping staff accidentally walked in on him once or twice performing unnatural, unspeakable acts upon himself) have developed into an unquenchable, insatiable thirst for the “Dreamy Tom Brady.”

So much so, in fact, that he publicly declared his perverse infatuation with the New England Patriots quarterback during last night’s broadcast of the Patriots-Falcons preseason game. The relevant excerpt from the actual quote during last night’s broadcast: “…now the dreamy Tom Brady will take over for the Patriots…”

Was Buck kidding? Just playing around and having fun with Brady’s “Dreamboat” persona? Possibly, that Joe Buck fella is quite a cad. But to be perfectly honest, my guess is Buck would like nothing more than to Slam-a-Lam-A (Tom Brady’s) Ding Dong, if you catch my drift. Even if it meant while doing so Buck ashamedly realized he was committing a disgusting act. Just a hunch.

Fox’s Joe Buck refers to Patriots QB Tom Brady as ‘dreamy’ [The Huddle]