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Tim Lincecum Got Totally High Before He Signed Some Autographs

On a garbage can. He got totally high (up) by standing on a waste receptacle to sign some autographs for eagerly awaiting fans above the San Francisco Giants’ dugout. Heh. Dugout.

Via USA Today/AP:

Players inside the dugout who choose to sign autographs usually get items handed to them from a security guard standing on top of the dugout. But the 5-foot-11 Lincecum got a boost from the red can and spent several minutes signing for an appreciative crowd.

So, allow me to apologize if I misled some of you into thinking that Tim Lincecum took a couple of puffs before greeting the masses to sign hats, balls, etc. At the same time, who know? Given his previous history with marijuana, he might have been blazed as well.

Lincecum goes to extremes to sign [USA Today/AP]