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Nightmare Fuel Photo: John Daly’s Doctor’s Magic Touch Cures ‘Rotator Cup’ Injury

Sweet Mother Mary, that is…well, it’s just not right.

John Daly uploaded the above photo three days ago for worldwide dissemination after he unceremoniously withdrew from competition during the 2nd round of the PGA Championship, the 17th time he has pulled out of a tournament in the past five years. Daly cited a shoulder injury for quitting not even midway through the final major of the season and provided the following hilarious explanation via his Twitter account:

“thinkin it happened on bunker hole 1, played thru in miserable pain, saw Tour Doc after play & have tore rotator cup [sic] after tests were done.”

Ah yes. The dreaded rotator cup injury. Those can be quite debilitating.

Thankfully for JD, ol’ Doc Whitelaw was on hand to ice it down and do God knows what else and wouldn’t you know it? Miraculously, Daly is now healthy enough to compete in the Wyndham Championship this week, mere days after his rotator cup was like, totally torn up and stuff. Actually, Daly reported that thanks to Doc Whitelaw’s expertise and um, unique bedside manner, it was determined to be only a rotator cup strain. Nice.

But egad, that photo, which Daly captioned with “Me & Doc Whitelaw in my living room, icing my shoulder & watching some NFL.”

Let’s just go with the theory that was all they were doing. You know, with the Hippocratic Oath and whatnot. Sheesh.

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