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Here’s Video Of Bobby Petrino Acting Like A Total Jagoff To Florida Gators Cap Gal

We covered this story yesterday here at the Sportress with words and stuff, but if you are the kind of person who likes “talky pictures,” above is video of Bobby Petrino briefly castigating Renee Gork after she did the unthinkable and wore a Florida Gators hat to the Arkansas football coach’s press conference.

Of course, this whole controversy which culminated in Gork being fired from Hog Sports Radio (sooo-eeeee!) for her audacious fashion faux pas, has now become a case of “He Said, She Said,” as both Gork and radio station general manager both made appearances on the Dan Patrick radio program to tell their side of the story.

In the end, Bobby Petrino, whether he intended to or not, played a key role in this woman losing her job, all because she was not properly showing her loyalty to the team she was paid to cover. And if there is one thing Bobby Petrino knows a lot about, it’s loyalty. No, I’m not familiar with Petrino’s previous relationship with the Atlanta Falcons, why do you ask?

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