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Geriatric Lawn Bowlers Deemed Too Drunk And Rowdy For South London Neighborhood

How many times have you heard this one before? The residents of a peaceful and quaint metropolitan neighborhood finally saying enough is enough to a Lawn Bowling Club after the members, many who are elderly pensioners, have went way too far with music blaring after too much drink and commit other assorted examples of inebriated shenanigans, which is compared in the article to as being expected from “boisterous rugby players after a day of pub golf” as opposed to senior citizen lawn bowlers.

Okay, maybe it’s the first time ever such a scene has ever played out, but for the residents of Denmark Hill, a neighborhood in South London, these old timers with their hard partying ways have become a blight on the tranquil setting. In fact, it has become such a sorry state that after repeated complaints by neighbors, authorities had no other choice but to revoke the Temple Lawn Bowling Club’s “drink and music” licenses.

Said one exasperated resident (via The Guardian):

“On some nights the noise coming out of the bowling club was unbelievable. You would think you were living opposite a nightclub with the amount of shouting going on and the volume of the music.

“People around here eventually got sick and tired of it. It’s a shame really as pensioners need a place to go and socialise and this club would be perfect if it just wasn’t so noisy.”

What a bunch of fuddy-duddies. The Club manager insists he was tried everything to curtail the drunken revelry yet still refers to the complains and actions of the Lambeth council, which revoked their license, as “petty.”

One club member, 70-year-old Peter Ansell, laments the outcome, and after sadly removing the onion tied to his belt, said:

“It’s a social club as well as a bowling club. People meet there for a drink, not always for bowling. If we can’t get the music licence then we can’t afford to keep the club going.”

This is simply yet another example of the deplorable ageism which pervades Western culture. These old fogeys have earned the right to spend their retirement getting half in the bag and enjoying their golden years as they see fit. Let the guys have their drink, sing their songs and bowl their balls. I imagine seeing these guys whoop it up is akin to a scene straight out of Cocoon, except with a lot more binging on whiskey and ale, and, thankfully, no Steve Guttenberg. Screw that guy.

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