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Video: Roger Federer Is Like A Modern Day William Tell

And not just because they both share Swiss heritage. But to be perfectly honest, Federer is kind of like a modern day version of Swiss folk hero William Tell, with the only differences being instead of a crossbow and bolt, Federer utilizes the tools of his trade: a racket and tennis ball. Also, in place of an apple is a can and instead of being forced to split said apple which sat perilously atop his son’s head to avoid execution, Federer only had to knock the can off some lackey’s head at a Gillette photo shoot, much to the delight of everyone in attendance.

Otherwise, the comparison is spot on. Video follows.

Nicely done. But it would have been cooler if the ball would have been doused in gasoline beforehand and set on fire. Then we would have seen how steely-nerved Federer truly is, not to mention the courage of his volunteer.