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Ted Nugent Is Something Of A Master-Baiter

Say it ain’t so, The Nuge. Say it ain’t so.

Ted Nugent’s insatiable bloodlust for killing animals whether by use of a firearm, a bow or crap, probably his bare hands, has been well-documented. Which is why it comes as a complete shock that he was fined $1,750.00 and pleaded no contest for illegally baiting deer in California during filming of his show, Spirit of the Wild, which appears on the Outdoors Channel. Via Outdoor Life:

The rock star and gun rights advocate used C’mere Deer, a high-end deer attractant, to harvest two deer in California where baiting for deer is illegal, according to the Appeal-Democrat, a local California newspaper.

Nugent also illegally shot an immature spike buck, but that charge was dropped after negotiations between his lawyer and the Yuba County District Attorney’s office. Also charged in the case were Mitchell Moore and Ross Patterson. Moore was a videographer for the show. Patterson owned the property Nugent hunted and he also spread the deer attractant.

The episode aired in March, and a California Fish and Game warden saw the hunt unfold. He “just about fell out of his chair” when he saw Nugent with the buck, Fish and  Game spokesman Patrick Foy told the newspaper. Since the episode was televised to a national audience, it seems that Nugent was unaware that he was breaking any game laws.

At least the Motor City Madman didn’t make a fuss about it and by pleading no contest and paying the fine, took his medicine like a, um, madman. As an avid outdoorsman, there is little doubt that this was a simply an oversight and a complete mistake on The Nuge’s part. Kind of like when he joined the Damn Yankees. Seriously, what was up with that?

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