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Stars Came Out In Droves For Inaugural John Wooden Memorial Celebrity Game

On Saturday, more than 800 people could not resist the siren song of having the honor to witness a star-studded celebrity game put on by the HAX (Hawthorne Athletic Exchange) Foundation to benefit underprivileged athletes and pay tribute to the legendary UCLA basketball coach, John Wooden. The Foundation, which Wooden was affiliated with before his death earlier this year, attracted an unbelievable array of A-Listers from the glamorous worlds of sports, Hollywood and music.

How unbelievable, you ask? Let me put it to you this way: does the name Bill Bellamy do anything for you? Yeah, me neither.

From ESPN Los Angeles:

The game, which featured former Laker Rick Fox, ABC NBA analyst Mark Jackson, and entertainers Bill Bellamy and Guy Torry as players, as well as former Los Angeles Sparks player Lisa Leslie, former UCLA great Marques Johnson and ESPN 710’s Mychal Thompson as guest coaches, raised more than $6,000 for charity and attracted approximately 800 fans, according to HAX CEO, Jeff Herdman.

Who in the hell is Guy Torry? Never heard of him. Now, if it had been Guy Fieri instead, that might have sparked my interest.

While the story referenced above only mentions those six people, the HAX Foundation’s official site listed the following who’s who list (no, really, who are these people?) of “celebrities” who were scheduled to take part in the event:

  • Reggie Miller (I assume he might not have shown up if he wasn’t mentioned in the report)
  • Pooh Richardson (Pooh!)
  • Allen Payne (?)
  • Mike Warren (?)
  • Pooch Hall (?)
  • Tank (?)
  • JD Roth (?)
  • Alex Thomas (?)
  • Khleo Thomas (?)
  • Wesley Johnson (?)
  • Warren G (of course, he came to Regulate and show how the rhythm is the bass and the bass is the treble…but no Nate Dogg? What gives?)
  • Chico Bennymon (who the what?)

And finally, the biggest of the big, as mentioned above: Bill Freaking Bellamy! In fact, he was listed twice on the list, once as an “Actor” and another time as an “Actor, Comedian.” Makes sense. But here’s my question: if they were going to parade out has-beens who cut their teeth working for MTV before flaming out on a larger stage, where in the hell was Dan Cortese? This kind of stuff is right up his alley.

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