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Free (Lady Who Was Fired From An Arkansas Radio Station For Wearing A Gators) Hat!

In one of the most ridiculous examples of “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong” as it pertains to deep-seated paranoia and the iron-fisted grip college football coaches hold over the media which covers them, Renee Bork, a radio personality employed by KAKS, also known as “Hog Sports Radio,” has been summarily fired for having the audacity to wear a Florida Gators hat to a press conference of Bobby Petrino, the head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks. From CBS Sports:

Petrino, whose team lost to the Gators last season 23-20 at Florida, commented on Gork’s hat after answering a question she asked. “And that will be the last question I answer with that hat on,” Petrino said.

Gork, a Florida graduate, said she grabbed the hat without thinking Saturday because it was raining outside. She also said she sent a letter of apology to the university and Petrino.

“Was hoping to publicly apologize to coach Petrino and UA fans on the show today … but I won’t get that chance,” Gork wrote on KAKS’ Twitter account. “I’ve been fired.”

Nope. That’s not stupefyingly absurd at all. Thankfully, for theĀ  sanctity of the program which he oversees, Bobby Petrino understands that one cannot tolerate such a callous affront to the integrity of Arkansas Razorbacks football. This gal Gork is lucky she simply was fired and did not get terrorized by a slack-jawed populace while being chased out of Arkansas by an angry mob waving pitchforks and carrying torches. At least one good thing has come out of this preposterous turn of events for the newly unemployed Gork: she won’t have to sit through another mind-numbing exercise in unchecked egomania which clearly typifies a Bobby Petrino press conference.

And speaking of hats, Petrino, by showing he has the maturity of a petulant toddler, has shown himself to be a Grade-A Asshat. Jagoff.

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