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Trick Shot Troupe ‘The Legendary Shots’ Back At It, This Time At An Amusement Park

The Legendary Shots, a group of basketball trick shot artists based in Alabama, who became famous after video of them making a basket while standing on a 134-foot-high platform on Birmingham’s Vulcan Monument went viral, are back at it once again with the above video, where two members of the troupe attempt to make a basket while riding on the “The Stratus Fear,” at Alabama Adventure, a local amusement park. While suspended 130 feet in the air, one of the guys attempted a shot, and I am sure you know what happened:


Jeff Eisenberg, who does a phenomenal job of covering all things college basketball-related over at The Dagger on Yahoo! has the interesting backstory, including how the guys rode the damn ride 25 times because they wanted to see if they could drain a shot when the ride was at its peak. Goofballs.

Is it just me, or does it seem with every additional crazy trick shot video, they become more and more underwhelming? Let me know when one of these guys swishes one through the net while orbiting the Earth. Now that would certainly be something.

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