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That Crazy Dude Did His ‘Run Around Bases While On Fire’ Bit On Saturday, Nobody Died

One of the odder minor league baseball promotions – and that’s saying something – took place over the weekend at Historic Grayson Stadium in Savannah, Georgia after the conclusion of a game between the Kannapolis Intimidators and the hometown Sand Gnats: Stuntman and Guinness World Record holder Ted Batchelor lit himself on fire then circled the bases, which presumably was the first time such a stunt was ever attempted, because hey, there are only so many bats**t crazy people in the world who like to set themselves on fire for the fun of it then run around like it’s something to do. Kind of a shame, sure, but I suppose that’s what makes Batchelor’s unique brand of pyromania-satisfying hijinksĀ  that much more entertaining.

Video follows.

Far out. Batchelor was understandably ecstatic when discussing how the stunt went off, which I suppose makes complete sense as he’s not dead or spending the next few weeks in a burn unit with his skin falling off. Via the official site of the Sand Gnats:

For Batchelor, this stunt was a long time coming. “This stunt was something I’ve wanted to do since 1977. I’m very thankful to the Sand Gnats and this whole organization,” he said afterwards. “It was a magical thing to come out of the dugout and grab a bat and go to home plate. It was very strange to see both clubs out there watching. It was cool to watch these minor leaguers watching me. As a baseball fan, I’m in awe of their talent.” The experienced stuntman was pleased with the stunt itself as well, saying “It felt great.”

I bet it does, Mr. Batchelor. I bet it does. But let’s not go overboard on praising these minor league ballplayers. It’s not like they are playing baseball while mimicking the Human Torch or anything.

It’s anybody’s guess what Batchelor will do next after setting himself on fire to up the ante and make for even a bigger spectacle. Whatever it is going to be, I’m sure it will be entertaining, but if you ask me, if Batchelor’s next stunt isn’t running an entire half-marathon while engulfed in flames he’s just wasting our time.

Gnats and Ted Batchelor Execute First Ever Fire Stunt [The Official Site of the Savannah Sand Gnats]
[H/T for video: No Guts No Glory (via Outside the Boxscore)]