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Wake N’ Blog: A Bunch Of Nerds Figured Out Every Rubik’s Cube Solution

Wake N’ Blog is the Sportress of Blogitude’s morning link dump. Apologies for the technical difficulties yesterday, but it has finally prompted me to take care of some lingering problems with the inner workings of the Sportress once and for all. This weekend, a team of experts – well, an expert – will put the site through rigorous testing and a thorough cleaning up. You know in E.T. when Elliott’s house is taken over by those government agents and it’s all covered up and the guys in Hazmat are swarming the joint? Yeah, that’s what the Sportress will look like this weekend. Look forward to a new and improved site on Monday. This sucker is going to be a lean, mean sports blogging machine beginning next week. Be afraid: be very afraid. As always, send tips, links, etc. to

• An international team of researchers have figured out no matter what configuration a Rubik’s cube starts off in, it can always be solved in 20 moves or less. Good to know. Still, I could never figure out that damn thing, at least now I know that I’m even dumber than I originally suspected. Next up for researchers: uncovering the secrets of this damn rage-inducing toy. Screw that thing. [Yahoo!/AFP]

• Ben Roethlisberger has changed his hometown in the Steelers media guide to some made-up city. Makes sense. [Out of Bounds]

• Yankees radio announcer John Kearns was at a loss when new Yankee Austin Kearns hit a home run. [Larry Brown Sports]

• Dear Lord! There are not enough black third base coaches in major league baseball! [With Leather]

• Rex Ryan is bound to be the biggest reality TV star ever. [Shutdown Corner]

• Speaking of which, here’s the money clip from the first episode of Hard Knocks. [The Legend of Cecilo Guante]

• Shaq’s new nickname is Tanya? The heck? [The Last Angry Fan]

• What a deal: buy a car, have dinner with Pete Rose. [Ted Williams Head]

• Time for another edition of the KSK Sex/Fantasy Football Mailbag. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

The Onion Headline of the Day: NFL Fans Turn Out In Droves To Watch Men Touch Cones