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Random Photo Of Michelle Wie Wearing Sexy Knee-High Stockings? Sure, Why Not?


As regular visitors to the Sportress would surely attest, yours truly is quite the big fan and admirer of Miss Michelle Wie. And as a big fan and admirer, I regularly check out her recipes, artwork and, in Miss Wie’s words, “the stuff that doesn’t quite fit in” on her personal blog, Black Flamingo. But mostly I go there to see if she has uploaded any new photos in which she reveals a different and sexier side of herself than what we usually do not see on the golf course.

And more often than not, I’m rewarded for my efforts, and you guys are fortunate enough to benefit from said effort. If you need confirmation of this, feel free to comb through the vast archives contained within the Sportress. It’s quite easy to do, really: just grab one of the memory crystals shaped like a leggy female golfer that are lying about the Sportress, plug it in to one of the associated holes (ahem) and voila! Pure, Unadulterated Michelle Wie Sexiness!

It’s a beautiful thing, really.

bye bye france till next year [Black Flamingo]