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Ha-Ha: Those Cheeky Bastards At The Sun Must Have Forgotten About Prince Charles

I said, “Charles, don’t you ever crave
To appear on the front of the Daily Mail
Dressed in your Mother’s bridal veil?” – “The Queen Is Dead” by The Smiths

Yes, I know they are not actually referring to the royal grounds of Buckingham Palace with that headline, but it is clear the blokes writing headlines for The Sun were clearly angling for that kind of association with the reference. Of course, the story is about Tyson Gay’s running in the London Grand Prix at the Crystal Palace and how the absence of two of his rivals, Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell (?) make for a less-than-thrilling event.

Still, a tip of the old cap to whomever came up with the headline. Jolly good, sir. Jolly good.

I’m the Only Gay in the Palace [The Sun]