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Caption: Get Patrick Kane A Bloody Mary Or The Stanley Cup Is Down Niagara Falls!

Dear God! Don’t do it, Patrick! Despite its tasty goodness, a stiff breakfast cocktail is never worth it!

Today marks Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane’s turn with Lord Stanley’s Cup and he’s back in his hometown of Buffalo, New York to celebrate. He kicked off the morning by hoisting the Cup at Niagara Falls, which if you ask me, is just a recipe for disaster given the kid’s proclivity for binge drinking-based revelry. Via Chicago Breaking Sports:

“I’m just really excited about the day,” Kane said while standing next to the Cup in the driveway of his Buffalo home. “This day is really going to help sink in everything that’s happened.

“I had trouble sleeping last night, I was so excited.”

Good for Patrick. But potentially bad for the Stanley Cup. Although, if Kane does elect to have a booze-fueled day of partying in Buffalo – which is well within his right and wouldn’t be that much of a stretch when compared with how most hockey players spend their day with the hallowed trophy – hopefully, at very least, he has the good sense to not drink and drive and instead have a cab convey his drunk ass around the idyllic upstate New York town.

On second thought, maybe a cab isn’t the wisest choice…

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