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NBA Player Earl Watson Filed For Divorce From Possibly Cannibalistic Wife…Or Didn’t

According to a report on TMZ, Earl Watson, a guard who played for the Indiana Pacers last season, filed for divorce last week from his actress wife, Jennifer Freeman (apparently, she was on that critically-acclaimed Wayans brother vehicle, My Wife and Kids), after he alleged that she viciously attacked him with an iron and bit him so hard on his chest that she broke the skin, causing bleeding. Kinky.

According to legal papers filed last week in L.A. County Superior Court, Watson claims things got bad on August 1st … when Jennifer received a suspicious text message at 11PM and Earl decided to check her phone.

Watson — who played with the Indiana Pacers last season — claims his wife was furious that he took the phone and reacted by hitting him “forcefully twice in the face with her right open hand.”

Watson claims Jennifer then “grabbed my right wrist and bit … breaking the skin, leaving teeth marks and drawing blood.” Once she let go of the wrist, Watson claims she then chomped down on his chest … again drawing blood.

Earl claims Jennifer then tried to attack him with an iron — but he was able to knock it out of her hand.

TMZ has since updated their original report after Watson’s attorney contacted the gossip site to inform them that Watson and Freeman (pictured above, in happier, less bitey, appliance-used-as-blunt weapon times)  have reconciled and intend to live happily ever after, hopefully with out biting and iron play, unless that’s the kind of twisted sex stuff they like to get into, of course. To each their own, I guess.

Best of luck to the two lovebirds. May their ability to recover and move on after cannibalistic displays of jealousy and hostility and iron-wielding madness be an inspiration to all of us. If I could, I’d advise Watson to invest in a real nice muzzle, but you know, a jewel-encrusted one. Women do love diamonds.

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