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Day One Of PGA Championship: Like A Scene From ‘The Fog’, Sans The Leper Ghosts

The fog which has delayed the start of the 92nd PGA Championship at Whistling Straits in Kohler, Wisconsin this morning rolled in ominously, almost like a supernatural force unto itself, leaving players standing around and nervously waiting for it to lift, yet terribly afraid of what demonic creatures may be lurking within its soupy mist.

Just kidding. It’s just fog, people. Certainly nothing to be afraid of, unless you, like me, were creeped the hell out as a wee lad from watching the 1980 John Carpenter classic – not that dreadful remake from 2005. That atrocity was insultingly stupid.

Anyhoo, with the voyage back to my formative years to examine my fractured, haunted psyche out of the way, here’s the gist of what’s going down at the pristine Wisconsin golf course (via NBC Sports):

Bo Van Pelt, Scott Hebert and Vaughn Taylor were scheduled to tee off from the par-4 first at 8 a.m. ET, but that time was likely to be pushed back a couple hours.

“Once the fog has lifted and it is clear to play, the first starting time will be 30 minutes following that time,” officials said.

According to a report on ESPN Chicago, play is tentatively scheduled to resume at 11:10 ET, which means the fog will have caused a 3 hour, 10 minute delay. Hopefully, we don’t lose any players to things that go bump in the night. If you ask me, they should have just let the players venture out onto the course and play it as it is – it would be kind of like the “Fog Bowl,” the 1988 NFL Divisional Playoff game between the Eagles and Bears, only with unsuspecting bystanders getting drilled in the gallery by Tiger’s errant drives. Because they wouldn’t be able to see Tiger’s wild shots off the tee bearing down on them because of the fog, you see.

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