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Wake N’ Blog: Mmmmm-mmmm! Feline Carpacchio In An Oil And Pepper Marinade!

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• Technically, the cat discovered by police in the trunk of one Gary Korkuc of Cheektowaga, New York on Sunday Night after the 51-year-old man ran a stop sign wasn’t quite at the carpacchio stage yet, as the damn thing was still alive, but you see where I was going with this. Korkuc told police that he intended to cook the four-year-old feline named Navarro, who was covered in oil, crushed red pepper and chili peppers, because the cat was “ill-tempered.” Hey moron, it’s a cat – they are all ill-tempered. Not shockingly, Korkuc was arrested and charged with animal cruelty. [Yahoo!/AP]

• Mister Rick Chandler recaps all the hip happenings which occurred at the Jerry Garcia Tribute event the other night in San Francisco. [Out of Bounds]

• Very interesting: the top 8 athletes convicted of murder. [Ranker]

• Not to be outdone by the Broncos, the Raiders have joined in on the ridiculous haircut rookie hazing phenomenon. [Larry Brown Sports]

• He took – *hah hah* –  it out: some Kiwi guy who plays some outdoor bowling game whipped out his wang during a match, now faces a 10-year-ban. [With Leather]

• Be forewarned, those of you hating on LeBron: he’s watching you. Spooky. [You Been Blinded]

• You should definitely check out what has been going down over on Brett Favre’s Facebook page… [TAUNTR]

• Not even through his first season, Nationals fans are already bored with Stephen Strasburg. [Bob’s Blitz]

• As winner of last year’s PGA Championship, Y.E. Yang chose the menu for this year’s Champions Dinner and went with Korean cuisine. Looks good. [Wei Under Par]

• The top 10 signs that the Heat are being overhyped. [Five Tool Tool]

• Sportswriters Don Banks and Peter King have an uncomfortable relationship. [Food Court Lunch]

• The Dodgers have no shame when it comes to parading out the honeys to throw out the first pitch at games. [Unathletic]

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