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Taylor Swift? Jesus, They’ll Induct Anyone Into The Bowling Hall Of Fame

Pete Weber must be rolling over in his grave…

After 1.3 million online votes were cast, with a whopping 613,324 of them in her favor, Taylor Swift will be the 2010 celebrity inductee into the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame, narrowly edging out another chick who is currently huge on the Teen Beat Scene, Justin Bieber, who had secured just over 608,000 votes before the polls closed. You gotta love the integrity, transparent process and democratic ideals of the online voting process.

But Taylor Swift? Why her? She probably hasn’t even drunkenly participated in a tense night of league bowling after popping too many Percocet pills…

Not that I would know anything about that, but a friend told me he knew a guy who did that once.

Anyway, while it is not surprising that a bunch of teeny boppers would vote for Taylor Swift after the word got out that she was in the running, why choose her as a candidate for induction?

Via PR Newswire:

“In many ways Taylor Swift perfectly represents the current face of bowling, especially as the sport enjoys unprecedented growth in popularity among youth, women and young adults,” said Steve Johnson, executive director of the BPAA.  “While we are grateful to Justin Bieber and all of our candidates for their enthusiasm for our great sport, we are tremendously proud to welcome Ms. Swift as our celebrity inductee into the Hall of Fame and we extend our deepest congratulations to her and the hundreds of thousands of fans who cast votes on her behalf.”

I see. That makes some sense, because as The Fabulous Forum points out, it certainly is not due to her bowling skills:

Well, I guess you have to give her credit for enthusiasm, if not her talent – much like her singing career. Zing!

While Miss Swift revels in her massive online popularity among bowling fans and kids who have all day to vote 1,000 times for their favorite country music star, I have some sad news to report, and it has to do with who came in third by a whopping margin:

Bill freaking Murray.

What the fungus? The fix was in, I tells ya!

Yep, Murray, who at least has some tangential relationship to the fine sport of bowling due to his portrayal of Ernie McCracken in Kingpin, only garnered a paltry 21,451 votes. I guess if I would have known about this online vote, I might have tried to help direct potential voters to get online and vote for Big Ern.

Ah, who am I kidding? It wouldn’t have made a difference anyway – Swift had this one in the bank from the get-go. Like Big Ern once said, “It’s a small world when you’ve got unbelievable tits, Roy.”

Indeed, Mr. McCracken. Indeed. I guess you could say Bill Murray got Munsoned.

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