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Playing Jenga With Donovan McNabb Would Totally Suck

At least if this excerpted quote from an interview the new Redskins quarterback did with ESPN Radio D.C. is any indication (via The Huddle):

“I don’t believe in rebuilding. I don’t ever believe in that word…”

See what I mean? There you’d be, after the weebly-wobbly Jenga tower tipped over and scattered across the kitchen table, picking up the pieces and reassembling it for another round of the classic game while McNabb just sat there, presumably eating a bowl of Chunky Soup or puking or whatever.

You know, come to think of it, not only would McNabb make for a lousy Jenga opponent, he would also be a horses**t FEMA director as well.

Oh, did I mention that you have to completely take McNabb’s quote out of context for my whimsical deconstructive analysis to make any sense?

Yeah, that’s kind of important.

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